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Introducing DNERO ARK

The power of our
Augmented Reality Kit

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Opt-in real-time push notifications when consumers are nearby dropped virtual coins or tokens.

DNERO ARK allows brands and merchants to customize virtual coins or tokens with their branding and logo or a unique animated element. They can assign a value to each virtual coin with either Cash or Crypto, or attach a discount value to be redeemed.

Find a Coin in places where you least expect it. Users can surprise other users by dropping coins with a monetary value to friends and family at any geo-location!

DNERO ARK aspires to create value through innovation and empowerment for users and partners by creating interactive and gamified experiences via Augmented Reality to customers and build brand engagement together.

We are planning to partner in logistics, FinTech, Mobile and Digital Payments businesses, Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Exchanges.

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